AuthentiCity in Beijing Overview

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AuthentiCity in Beijing: An Open Door on a Changing China

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Everyone is talking about China, a country that transports visitors from timeless tranquil villages to jaw-dropping cities of the future, and everywhere in between. Boasting some of the most magnificent wonders on Earth, this complex land is so much more than the sum of its parts. The natural beauty of China’s diverse landscapes will take your breath away, while glittering metropolises rival the world’s greatest cities.

Join AuthentiCity China’s small group of no more than 16 travelers for a journey to China that’s intellectually stimulating and physically invigorating— and above all, fun! We’ll connect you with locals who are eager to talk with you about some of the issues affecting China today, from international relations to entrepreneurship. Experienced and easy-going Chinese language teachers will teach you the basics so you can shop at a local market, travel on the subway, or share a moment with a curious school child. With plenty of time to veer off the beaten path and absorb unexpected moments, immerse yourself in China in an totally unforgettable way.


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